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Selby Town Council works for the 16,000 residents of Selby, managing the town’s cemetery, markets, allotments, certain play areas and streetlights as well as providing entertainment in the Town Hall, organising the annual Family Fun Day, Bonfire Night and Selby in Bloom Competition, the Remembrance Sunday Service in the Abbey and the town’s Christmas Lights Display.

The Town Council are proud to live in a diverse and tolerant society. Racism and hate crimes have no place in our society. Selby Town Council condemns racism and hate crimes unequivocally. The Town Council will continue to work with other local organisations to counter and challenge hate crime and racism.  We value all members of the local community and recognise that its the very diversity of a community that gives it strength and resilience and enhances the quality of life for all.

The Council has four wards (North, South, West and St James) with 18 councillors appointed and 12 full and part time staff working from the Town Hall, Scott Road Community Centre and Cemetery.

The Town Council also manages the Selby Community Centre on Scott Road, Selby on behalf of Selby Community Trust

The Town Council offices are situated at the rear of the Town Hall, and are open Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm.

Town Council meetings take place on the last Monday of each month (except August and December) and are open to the public.  Meetings start at 7.00 pm and are held at the Town Hall.

The Openness of Local Goverment Bodies Regulations 2014 – Recording of Meetings Policy was adopted by Council on the 29 September 2014. The Town Council abide by the Press and social media Policy, adopted 25 April 2016.

The Town Council abide by their Financial Regulations.

The Town Council have a Press and social media Policy that they adhere to. The Town Council adopted an Information Privacy Policy in August 2017 to ensure anyone providing information does so in a safe and secure manner. The Council adopted the General Privacy Notice and Privacy Notice for Staff, Councillors and other role holders on 25 June 2018. The Council also adopted the Records Management Policy on the 25 June 2018.

Councillors give their time voluntarily and receive no payment for their Council work. (Apart from the Mayor who receives an annual allowance)

They can be contacted using the details on the Councillors page, or through the Town Hall office.

The Chair of the Town Council, elected each May, is also the Town Mayor.

The Town Council have appointed three Committees, Finance & Staffing Committee, Land & Property Committee and Town Hall Management Committee.    These meetings are held quarterly. There are also two working groups, Website Working Group and Markets Working Group. All Council meetings commence at 7.00pm and are held in the Town Hall Studio, at the rear of the Town Hall. The committee meetings are held at the Community Centre, Scott Road, Selby. The Working Group meetings are held at the Town Hall.

Selby Town Council have an Action Plan that is reviewed annually. The 2022/23 Schedule of Meetings is attached for information.

Selby Town Council are proud to be a Living Wage employer.

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