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Cemetery Project

The Town Council have completed the Cemetery Project in April 2018 with the support of HLF working with the local community and schools to make improvements to the Cemetery and hopefully introduce a ‘Friends of Selby’ Group to work with the team in the Cemetery. The project involved Selby High School and Selby District Family History Group.

There were several consultation events engaging with the local community groups and schools. It is hoped that one of the chapels will be renovated and used as a classroom/meeting room in the future. For further infomation please look on the Cemetery Page Cemetery.

Neighbourhood Plan

Selby Town Council are currently working on their Neighbourhood Plan. Questionnaires were produced and the results from this consultation is below. There has been lots of other consultation events taking place over the last 6 months. For all the updated information go to the Neighbourhood Plan page Neighbourhood Plan

Selby Town Council consult with the local community over a wide variety of activities.

Neighbourhood Plan

Play Area

In 2017 and 2018 Wistow Road, Selby Community Centre, Barwic Parade and Flaxley Road Play Areas have had Inclusive Play equipment installed. There are more inclusive pieces of equipment to be installed throughout 2018.

At Bondgate Woodland Area a trim trail was added to help with childrens agility and fitness whilst enjoying the wonderful woodland area.

In 2014 Wistow Road Play Area was due to be refurbished. Two consultation events took place on site with the local Neighbourhood Watch group, school children, parents and grandparents. At the first consultation event ideas were discussed on what type of equipment was needed for the play area.  A plan was drawn up and before going out to Tender another consultation event took place with the local people.  Finally the tender process was completed and new equipment was installed at Wistow Road Play Area. Images and the plan are below:

The newly refurbished play area was opened in 2014.

In 2015 Eggborough Power Station provided funding for new Adult Gym Equipment to be installed at the Play Area. This allowed everyone to enjoy their visit to the play area.


Play Areas

Town Hall Shows

Every year the Town Hall has a wide variety of performances taking place which have been requested from members of the public.  A survey was completed in 2015 below.

Town Hall

Town Council Events

Annual Events such as Fun Day, Food Festival, Beer Festival, Bonfire & Fireworks Display, Christmas Market and Switch On, Remembrance Events take place for everyone to come along to and enjoy. For full information go to the Whats-On Page.