Play Areas

Selby Town Council maintains the following play areas in Selby:

Flaxley Road Play Area – This play area is in a highly populated residential area in the North Ward area of Selby and is well used by children of all ages.

Barwic Parade Play Area – This play area in in the middle of a large estate, opposite shops and next to a local school in the South Ward of Selby.  It has had new equipment placed on site however it suffers badly from damage by youths. Local residents working with the Town Council and Police are helping in preventing further damage to equipment.

Wistow Road Play Area – This play area is on the outskirts of the town, along Bondgate and since the refurbishment it is proving to be a very popular site for families.

Community Centre Play Area – This play area is located on the community field in the center of town and is maintained by Selby Town Council on behalf of the Community Trust.