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Selby Town Council want local residents to understand the history of the town. The Vikings sailed through Selby and Cochrane's Shipyard built many ships over the years and were based in Selby.  To embrace the history of ships the Town Council have agreed to bring sculptures to the Town Hall gardens. There will be a Viking Longboat sculpture in the front garden and the stern of a ship sculpture built at Cochrane's Shipyard in the rear garden.

Local Artist Oliver Holman and Local Design Fabricator Chris Campbell of Campbell Designs have worked with the Town Council to design the two sculptures. Ollie worked with two schools, Barwic Parade Primary School and Longmann Hills Primary School on designs for the Viking Longboat Shields and photos of the workshops are below.

Ollie said "It has been a great opportunity to work with the Town Council on the Sailing Through Time project and working alongside Chris Campbell designs.  I particularly enjoyed engaging with the two local primary schools and talented children who gave lot of ideas during the workshops in June 2018.  Their ideas will be transformed into designs for shields. Looking into Selby’s history, working with a local historian, gave me the inspiration for my original artist impressions for phase 1 the Viking Longboat Sculpture and phase 2 the Cochrane’s Ship Sculpture.

I feel honoured to be able to work on the project and have gained experience which will encourage me to work on projects of this scale in future years. Working with the fabricator on Public Art  I have gained confidence and knowledge and felt privileged to be able to work with them.  I have learnt so much from working on the project and now I cannot wait to see the sculptures come to life in the Town Hall gardens.  The Viking Longboat Sculpture will be the first to be installed and I will be excited to see the reaction from local people".

Chris said "'We are pleased to be working with Ollie Holman and Selby Town Council on this innovative project. As artists and fabricators we welcome the opportunity to help deliver the project designed by Ollie who is local to the area. The new seating area will be a positive addition to the garden area and bring to the town a sense of place and history". 

The front garden Viking Longboat Sculpture will be installed in August / September 2018. The designs and Artists Impressions are below.