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The Town Hall

York Street


North Yorkshire


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Meetings of Selby Town Council are held on the last Monday of the month, except for August and December, at the Town Hall from 7.00pm.  Finance & Staffing Committee and Land & Property committee meetings are held quarterly at the Community Centre, Scott Road, Selby from 7.00pm.  The Schedule of Meetings for 2020/21 have also been approved and are attached.

The Local Government Transparency Code was passed in August 2014.  The Town Council adopted the Recording of Meetings Policy in accordance with this new legislation. Recording_of_Meetings_Policy.doc

The town council have adopted a Press and Social Media Policy, Procedure and Guidance.


Council Meetings

Selby Town Council meets on the last Monday of the month apart from August and December. The Budget for the following year is considered and approved at the meeting held in public the first Monday in December. Council hold a special Grants meeting in April each year to consider Grant Applications that have been submitted between January and March each year.

Finance and Staffing Committee

The Finance and Staffing Committee meets quarterly to monitor the Council's financial position and to consider staffing matters

Land and Property Committee

The Land and Property Committee meets quarterly to consider matters relating to Council owned land and property, such as allotments and play areas.

Town Hall Management Committee

The Town Hall Management Committee meetings quarterly to consider matters relating to the Arts Centre and shows that take place in the Town Hall. The committee's recommendations are considered by Council.